"There is an innate healing mechanism in the body which dissolves nervous tension in the muscles and resolves emotional and psychological conflict - on the unconscious and organic level." 

Gerda Boyesen

Clinical Psychologist (1922-2005)

Founder of Biodynamic Psychology

“Over the 14 years of experience I have had in practice I have acquired a deep appreciation of the multidimensional aspect of each human. Simply, we are not what we eat as commonly stated; we are what we eat, believe, experience, think and feel. Corinna's work is quite simply extra-ordinary, she has a gifted ability to talk directly to the soul and support a return to balance at the deepest level. Corinna's work completes our 360 degree offering at Wild Clinics, working gently yet deeply on those aspects of your thoughts of experiences that may be hindering your ability to health.”

Henrietta Norton, Nutrition Director of Wild Nutrition and the Wild Clinic

The term biodynamic is connected with the flow of life energy through the body and mind. If this natural flow is disturbed by life’s stresses we lose our joy and often unwanted symptoms can develop.


Biodynamic therapies work to restore this natural flow, clear the effects of stress, promote self-healing and bring a renewed sense of wellbeing. This can help you find courage for change and challenges or simply discover your essential self.

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