​Biodynamic Psychology and its related therapies was established sixty years ago by Clinical Psychologist, Gerda Boyesen ® (1922-2005) and developed by the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine. The distinguishing aspect of her work was the discovery that the brain-gut axis is the regulator of nervousness and energy in the body and that two innate human survival mechanisms – the ‘fight and flight’ and ‘freeze’ responses – if not deactivated after an event that is perceived as dangerous - can remain permanently active and adversely affect our emotional and physical wellbeing. Biodynamic Therapy uses a variety of different techniques to normalise this and to restore a person to their natural, exuberant, spontaneous self.

By adding bodywork, in the form of gentle but effective and targeted biodynamic massage, to more traditional psychotherapy and psychology, this holistic healing method not only breaks down the barriers and blocks in your mind, but also works to release stress and tension stored in your body. This reconnects you to what is known in Biodynamic Psychology as the ‘Primary Personality’, your vibrant core self, ready willing and able to meet life's challenges clearing the way towards living an authentic and fulfilling life.

Once engaged, a natural process of healing unfolds. To allow this to happen organically, a series of pre-arranged sessions is recommended to provide you with the time and space to heal and focus.

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