Corinna supports many clients through different stages of their life.


Biodynamic therapies help to treat unwanted symptoms, support you in challenges you maybe facing by creating a safe space for you to explore, share and unload the issues, empowering you to take control and bring joy to your life.

The deep healing process benefits anyone seeking to be free from stress-related symptoms and conditions. It can boost your metabolism, bring peace and calm to frayed nerves, balance the respiratory system, ease tension and pain, and lift anxiety or depression.

In the context of personal development, Biodynamic Therapy can help deal with loss, challenging emotions or difficult relationships; ideal if you are at a crossroad in your life or feeling stuck. If you are on a path of self-discovery and want help uncovering the things that hold you back a biodynamic session creates a neutral space for you to explore, share and unload your issues, empowering you to take control and bring more joy and satisfaction to your life.

It is also increasingly being used in the fields of trauma recovery, conflict resolution, and pre and post-operative care and with diagnosed and non-diagnosed medical conditions in the new emerging field of Biodynamic Medicine.


The biodynamic environment is warm and comfortable, ensuring a safe and nurturing space.

Corinna tailors each session - maybe you need to spend time talking about something affecting you mentally or physically or perhaps you have a condition or pain that you need help with. Or, you simply need to stop, rest and let the stresses and strains of life fall away. 


Once your needs are understood, biodynamic massage treatment will start. Corinna uses a stethoscope to listen to the sounds of your gut. This provides crucial diagnostic feedback and guides effective treatment.

Feel rejuvenated with gentle compassion and care, all at your own pace.

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